Marketing Services

Outshine the competition

Lights on Creative marketing services make the most of your online marketing to convert your digital audience to real-life customers. Our team collaborates with each client to understand where we can provide value for your audience and what threats we can eliminate while capitalizing on opportunities.

As the premier digital marketing agency for small businesses, we help you find your niche, cultivate your voice, and manifest your success story. We are here to guide you through every step of the process.

If you ever have any questions please contact us or check out our about page, our blog, or even our LinkedIn for more information.

Search Engine Optimization

Be Found

Our Search Engine Optimization services help you navigate an ever-changing landscape of rules and algorithms that determine where your business appears in Google search results. To be online and rank successfully is more than having the website; it’s making sure the website is easy to find, quick to understand, and simple to convert. Our team is skilled at assessing and addressing every business’s unique needs to get on Google’s radar in an organic and true way. We are here to simplify this process and help you rank higher and higher until you reach the top.

Graphic Design

Bright + Beautiful

It’s how your audience feels when they see our graphic design services at work. A brand that sells is a brand that people buy with their hearts, not just their wallets. We know your small business provides something unique for consumers. Lights On Creative’s goal is to show your online audience how valuable you are and where your brand fits into their lives. Our graphic design team is here to develop your brand’s visual identity and make you stand out amongst your competition.

Social Media

Like, Comment, Share

Our social media services can answer all questions pertaining to every social media channel, even TikTok! We use audits, competitor analysis, and content strategy to position small businesses social media for success. Our light bulb of ideas never goes out, it’s one more way we shine brighter for our partners.

Content Services

Create + Curate

Originality is the backbone of our content services to help each small business owner successfully market their business online. Lights On Creative is the digital marketing agency for your brand when you can’t find the right words to say or the best images to use. We provide relevant, impactful content for you so you don’t have to. Let us do the creating so you can focus on the operating.

Strategy Services

Laser-focused + Intentional

Lights On Creative strategy services help you find your niche, cultivate your voice, and manifest your success story. We are here to guide you through every step of the process. Our delivery is precise, our tactics are defined, and our objective is your success.

Paid Advertising Services

Efficient + Effective

Our commission-based paid advertising services take the risk out of this investment. We implement split testing, numerous target audiences, and multi-objective campaigns to engineer the perfect paid advertising campaign for your small business.

Brand Reputation Services

Reviews + Ratings

Our brand reputation services are yet another way to help small businesses that separate us from the rest of the digital marketing agencies out there. We’ve heard it before, “you should reply to all reviews: good and bad.” Responses take time, training, and dedicated personnel. With Lights On Creative, you get help managing listings, responding to reviews, and accessing valuable insights about when your brand is talked about most.
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