Here you will find our FAQs. Please look through these questions. If you see any FAQs that are not on here that you need help answering, please contact us here. 

Company Questions

What are your hours of operation?

We operate Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.

What digital marketing services do you provide?

Here at Lights On Creative, we provide SEO services, social media marketing services, graphic design services, content marketing services, PPC marketing services, and so much more.

Will I have a person of contact for the marketing?

Yes! Depending on what service you pick, we have a point of contact for each marketing service.

Can I come to the office and speak with you?

Unfortunately, we are remote right now due to the pandemic, but you can email us and we can set up video or voice call!

Is Lights On Creative Marketing located in Chicago?

Yes! Lights On Creative is a Chicago Digital Marketing Agency on Ohio Street, but due to the pandemic, we are remote. We serve all of United States.

Do you offer logo designs?

Yes! Lights On Creative has a Graphic Design department that can make logos for the brand, website content, and anything graphic wise.

What are your pricing for digital marketing services?

Our pricing for the digital marketing services depends on what package you need by accessing the website and seeing what we can do to help. To contact us, fill out this form and get in touch!

General Questions

What is a digital marketing agency and what do they do?
A digital marketing agency is a group of specialized people who provide results in digital marketing that includes increasing traffic to a website, increasing profit and revenue, providing content, seo recommendations, and much more. Digital Marketing Agencies look through your site and optimize for results for your marketing efforts.
What is SEO in digital marketing?

SEO in digital marketing means search engine optimization, meaning making sure the entire website is readable for google and other search engines. SEO is the power of increasing website traffic by optimization of your content and website. We make sure everyone can read, see, and view your website.

What does digital marketing consist of?

Digital marketing consists of any marketing efforts that are converted to internet or digital. This includes email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, search engines, blog posts, and more.

What does SEO stand for and why should I use it?
SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is super important because its the way web browsers read your website. By improving quality of the website, you get organic traffic to your site from search engines.The more optimized your site is for a certain keyword, the better your results will be!
Do I need google analytics?
Yes! Google Analytics is a very important part of marketing! We always recommend using Google Analytics to gather website traffic, look at keywords, and see what pages we need to improve to get better conversions. If you have a website, you should get a Google Analytics.
What is social media marketing and do I need it?

Social Media Marketing is marketing efforts that help with brand awareness and loyalty! This includes using your social media platforms to talk to your followers and construct your brand to increase profit and conversions. If you have a social media and want to build your brand, Social Media Marketing Services is the way to go.

What is PPC or pay per click and do I need it?

PPC means pay per click. This means you pay for a spot on google for an ad. This helps drive traffic to your site and puts you above search results in browsers.

What is content marketing and how does it work?

Content Marketing is the exchange of giving educational information and material to provide answers, insights, and integrity to your customers. How it works is keeping the consumer engaged and loyal by giving them content that is relevant.

What are some examples of content marketing?

Some examples of content marketing are blogs, articles, videos, live webinars, and images. Mostly anything that deals with answering questions from consumers and providing educational content.

Is graphic design used in marketing?

Of course it is! Graphic Design is behind the marketing strategy. Our graphic designers provide the visual, the emotion, and the story using graphics, logos, colors, and even infographics. Having great graphics plays a huge role in successful marketing.

How do you use social media for small business marketing?
Social media is a powerful tool that most small businesses should be using. Some easy things to do is post regularly, add offers, do giveaways, and answer customer questions.

Our Services

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