Who We Are

Lights On Creative is a digital marketing agency for small businesses with little to no online presence.

Learn About Lights On Creative! We serve small businesses looking for experts to shed a little light on how to utilize the digital world to grow their companies successfully. Our clients come to us because they understand the importance of digital marketing for small businesses but don’t know how to harness its potential. We stay up to date on industry best practices and tell you what you need to know when you need to know it.  Our digital marketing agency does impactful work at an affordable price.

As a team of professionals with years of experience working closely with small businesses, we understand the importance of leading with honestly and transparency. Using creativity and industry insight, we design digital strategies to effectively meet our clients’ objectives on time and within budget. Digital marketing for small business is the one thing we do best, so let’s show you how.

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Our Mission

To be a leading source of talent in brand development and marketing. We aim to actualize the dreams of small businesses through our mastery of the digital landscape.

Our Vision

We deliver a well-rounded digital strategy that provides big results for small businesses.

About Our Leadership

About Stephanie Khouri, the Lights on Creative Director

Stephanie Khouri


Stephanie built her career working with small family-owned businesses in her community. She understands what it takes to start and keep a small business running. Stephanie uses her experience growing small businesses to provide valuable insight into these companies’ everyday challenges. She guides Lights On Creative in addressing the needs of small enterprises creatively, effectively, and honestly.
About Jeff Hurst, the Lights on Creative Graphic Designer

Jeff Hurst

Graphic Designer

Jeff perfected his ability to create eye-catching designs for small businesses with his design work over the last decade serving family-owned auto-dealerships across the country. He understands the importance of building small businesses’ visual identity and utilizes his skillset to help create big brands.
About Chantal Cowie, the Lights on Creative SEO and Content Strategist

Chantal Cowie

SEO & Content Strategist

Chantal has years of experience creating impactful web and blog copy built around increasing client visibility within search engine results. She understands the needs of small businesses thanks to her background working intimately with companies to provide strategic advice for online paid advertising campaigns and to help owners grow their Affiliate marketing programs.
About Alex Tatro, the Lights on Creative Social Media Specialist

Alex Tatro

Social Media Specialist

Alex informs her knowledge of the digital landscape with her experience implementing the marketing strategies of some of the world’s biggest brands, like Nissan and GrubHub. Her cutting-edge industry insight helps her bridge the gap between small businesses and big opportunities. After years of helping big brands thrive, she understands what it takes to be successful online and is eager to show small businesses the way.
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